“It’s Time For Equity, Equality & Justice For The People” 

Aeiramique Glass Blake is running for Congress to make bold change and political transformations. 

AGB2020 is a campaign that brings San Diego together to advocate for the needs of the community and the nation. Our focus is not only making sure our government has true oversight and accountability, but most importantly making sure we build a government that truly honors basic human rights; we focus on the quality of life for all Americans, especially our working class Americans. We believe that housing first—housing as a human right—is a start to making sure every American lives a dignified life. We believe that Medicare for all—healthcare as a human right—and the price reduction of prescription medication will contribute to a better quality of life. We understand that investing in our children will provide a great return. Investments like tuition-free, fee-free college and trade school for the first four years benefit the entire nation. We will be proactive about education and services so that the school-to-prison pipeline is no longer our horrible reality, but our shameful past. We will no longer tolerate mass incarceration and private prisons, but instead promote pathways to peace, a peace economy, and restorative justice in order to transform the criminal justice system. I have pledged not to accept Corporate PAC money. My campaign is 100% people-funded. I believe that change starts with our campaign and the fight against corruption in our political and government systems. We have faith and believe in the power of everyday people, families, and communities. Thank you for your contribution!

We truly have an opportunity to make history and win this seat. For far too long, the 51st district has been under- and mis-represented, and your contribution has allowed us to get one step closer towards true representation and one step closer to our $500,000 goal. I made a commit to reject corporate PAC, Big Pharma & private prison money. This is a people-powered campaign focused on the needs and issues of the community. The 51st district is widespread and we understand that when decisions are made on a federal level, they impact our everyday lives. We are running a grassroots campaign, organizing and mobilizing to educate the community on the issues and laws that impact their everyday lives.

I just want to say thank you, and please encourage others to contribute to our campaign with their time, money, and resources.