AGB2020 Top 10 Issues

Aeiramique Glass Blake’s Platform

Criminal Justice Reform

End Mass Incarceration, Private Prisons and Gun Violence Prevention

Juvenile Justice

National Restorative Justice Implementation Destroying The School To Prison Pipeline

immigration justice

Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Abolish ICE

health care justice

 Health Care As a Human Right, Medicare For All,Big Pharma Reform

housing Justice 

Housing First, Housing As a Human Right

Peace Economy

Support Veterans & Active Duty Military, end US unnecessary occupation

Education  Justice

First Four Years Free – College & Trade School, Equity In Education

Environmental   Justice

Agriculture, Water Supply Reliability, Federal Funding for New River,Salton Sea Restoration and Water Quality Treatment

Senior’s support

Social Security Protection, Senior victimization and abuse

Women’s rights & equality

I am a woman, so I know the needs and will advocate for our equal rights.

Criminal & Juvenile Justice

AGB2020 will fight for a criminal justice system that is fair and just for everyone. We will end the War on Drugs & mass incarceration and dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline through juvenile justice reform and the implementation of a national restorative justice program. AGB2020 will lead in ending for-profit detention facilities and private prisons. She will fight for the release of individuals incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses, for a federal police use of force bill, and to put laws in place to insure we have truly independent investigations every time an individual is killed by law enforcement.

 We must pursue racial justice in the US, millions of black and brown people are deeply harmed and negatively affected by a systemically racist system. We will achieve comprehensive criminal justice reform and mandatory comprehensive mental health care to both incarcerated communities and law enforcement. 

Immigration Justice

The 51st district is a border district and AGB2020 is committed to comprehensive immigration reform. We are focused on a clear path to citizenship and protecting the rights of families to remain together. We must proactively build capacity to meet the needs of our undocumented friends and neighbors making sure they are treated with the respect & dignity that all people, regardless of citizenship status, should receive.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) was created after 9/11. ICE operates outside of the scope of the Department of Justice and is unaccountable to our nation’s standards of due process. We must abolish ICE; we have seen young children being ripped from their parents and kept in detention centers without accountability to Congress, without due process. The negligence of ICE has resulted in the deaths of six children. Promises made to veterans are broken when they have been deported after serving our country. AGB2020 is about upholding civic justice, we must abolish ICE and make sure our undocumented neighbors are treated with dignity and respect as their human right, regardless of citizenship status.

Health Care Justice

AGB2020 will fight for Health Care Justice and believes Health Care is a human right. We understand that people don’t just need universal “access” to health care, we need actual universal single payer health care for all. We believe that families should not have to choose between prescription medication or feeding their families. The AGB2020 Campaign is about the fight against pharmaceutical lobbyists and private insurance companies that profit off of people’s pain. Improving and expanding Medicare for All is the moral, logical, ethical, and affordable path to a better quality of life, making sure no person goes without dignified health care. By allowing all people in the US to buy into a universal healthcare system we are proactively saving money and saving lives. The Improved and Expanded Medicare for All includes full mental health, dental, and vision care because we know that true healthcare is about the whole person, improving quality of life.

Housing Justice

AGB2020 will fight and advocate for Housing First and Housing as a human right. We understand that the housing industry in the US has become a breeding ground for wealthy developers. Our political establishment has been taken over by luxury real estate developers which has led to luxury rezoning—pushing out working families who can no longer afford to live in their own communities, communities they have called home for generations. In San Diego County alone, homelessness is at an all time high due to many factors such as lack of mental health and rehabilitation centers and services and our inability to meet basic human needs, which is why we need housing first. Housing First is a homeless assistance approach prioritizing and providing permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness, ending their homelessness and serving as a platform and foundation from which they can pursue and meet personal goals and improve their quality of life. This evidence-based approach meets basic needs like a place to live, food, and health care. Once the basic needs are met, they can focus on less critical needs, such as getting a job, becoming financially literate, or attending to substance abuse issues. Housing First also addresses the needs of formerly incarcerated individuals, understanding that obtaining housing is a huge part of a successful reentry.

Housing is not a privilege, housing is a right; and in the US right now, housing that working families can own, or even afford, is out of reach. AGB2020 is committed to an equitable approach to deal with our housing crisis. We understand that Congress has catered to investments benefiting the wealthy, and we believe it’s time we invest in our working class Americans by extending tax benefits to working and middle-class homeowners; expanding the Low Income Housing Tax Credit; and permanently funding the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund. We are committed to everyday working Americans being able to truly enjoy life and the fruits of their labor, not just living paycheck to paycheck trying to survive. We will no longer settle for the unhoused being “sheltered,” we will see to it that the unhoused are being housed. We must be proactive instead of always being reactive.

Education Justice

Millions of Americans attend college or other postsecondary education options and end up spending decades trying to pay for an education that was supposed to help them, not hurt them. AGB2020 is committed to fighting for the needs of everyday Americans, as education is a need. We will fight to expand our national education system, making the first four years of college and trade school tuition-free & fee-free, and support policy for student debt cancellation. Instead of investing in our prison system, we need to invest in our education system.


Peace Economy

We believe the best way to support our troops is by bringing them home. By bringing our troops home, we can begin to repair our relationships and start to heal the wounds of war. We can reunite military families separated by repeated deployments. We can make sure our vets are getting the mental health care needed, as our oldest and youngest vets are committing suicide at an unimaginable rate. The US should be ashamed of the amount of unsheltered vets we have in this country. We are going to make sure our vets are housed and taken care of, no excuses.

We can become stronger as a nation by building stronger diplomatic and economic ties; only sending our armed forces out when they’re truly needed; and focusing more on humanitarian assignments. We are currently involved in military action in Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of civilians in these countries have been killed, millions have fled their devastated countries, leading to our global refugee crisis, especially in the 51st district. We are told that there’s not enough money to meet the needs of the American people, but Corporate Democrats and Republicans seem to find the money to fund a $1.7 trillion-dollar nuclear “modernization” program, a $1.1 trillion fighter jet program, and give the Pentagon a $700 billion budget for 2018, all to continue fighting an endless war because of special interests. We have to address the military industrial complex. We are creating enemies when we destabilize countries; we should be seen as liberators and the defenders, not as occupiers and the aggressors. 

Environmental Justice

In many communities of color, we are dealing with systemic oppression & systemic racism. We are constantly and actively fighting for criminal justice reform, police reform, fighting against gun violence, and simply fighting to survive. We aren’t always as engaged in environmental justice, but often times we are the ones who are impacted deeply by environmental injustices and neglected when it comes to our health and needs.

Right now, the 51st district families are experiencing major health issues due to pollution and neglect of New River and Salton Sea. Although there is finally a New River water project in the works, there is still no money from the federal government or your current congressman. This has been a devastating issue for years and federally, nothing has been done to help. We are committed to getting the truth out about the green new deal and making sure we as a community are being educated on and have an understanding of what the green new deal really means and represents.